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Why STUCCO is Better than Other Finishes The Consumer's Stucco Handbook
- John Bucholtz P.E.

Historical Facts are Frequently Ignored, Overlooked or Unknown

Tests for stucco permeability have been performed since 1981. These tests prove beyond any doubt that stucco generally is waterproof. Only when stucco is adulterated by an applicator who may or may not know better is there passage of water through it. But just pick any stucco job at random and odds are extremely high that it will prove to be resistant to water passage unless it is severely cracked.

Here are the advantages of portland cement plaster (stucco) exterior finishes on all kinds of buildings


Dryvit EIF Systems - 84% More Energy Efficient Than Any Other Wall System

Dryvit EIFS walls out-perform all other cladding in independent tests conducted by ORNL

Another expensive winter is ahead for homeowners, and high energy costs are once again to blame. As Americans continue to get savvy about long-term energy efficient options (from hybrid cars to energy-saving lightbulbs), one thing they may have overlooked is their home’s exterior.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) – the nation’s pre-eminent scientific research company has rated Dryvit EIFS walls more “thermally efficient” than any other competing wall system. This rating was based on rigorous and independent testing of seven common cladding systems.

The Findings

When tested against brick, glass, stucco, concrete, wood and masonry, Dryvit exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) achieved an 84% higher R-value than the next best-performing cladding. The R-Value considers the thermal performance of the entire wall construction (material discontinuities and thermal bridging effects) and effects from transition details (areas such as windows, doors, roof and floor lines).

Performance and Value

Homeowners seeking energy efficiency, performance and style from their home’s exterior have an all-inclusive option in Dryvit EIFS.

• The thermal efficiency of a Dryvit EIF system can translate into real home energy savings of anywhere from 20 to 40% annually.

• Dryvit residential EIF systems can be backed by a warranty as long as the standard mortgage (30 years).

• Dryvit finishes can be colored and textured to accommodate any taste – from the contemporary look of stucco to conventional styles like brick and limestone.